Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cloud People

I was doing some research online earlier today and came across the website of Matt Wisniewski (http://mattw.us/images/). You should check it out, because it's pretty awesome. So that inspiration lead to some new digital experiments:

These are combinations of some old photographs I took of my sisters on different occasions, layered with cloud images. The clouds are either fuji lifts that I scanned recently, or digital cloud images I took in northern New Hampshire and New Zealand, respectively. I think I like the first and third the most. Her tattoo fits pretty well with the shot. I also saved some versions in which the clouds are color, though I don't think those are quite as successful. 

This is a really preliminary experiment, and I wasn't sure I should post these images, but then I thought that I would really appreciate feedback, especially because these are very early experiments. 


  1. ahhh! Enjoying them so, so much! particularly the top three, although the second and third images feel the most fresh and 'personal'. The top and bottom photos are also nice, but have a more generic, 'this could be any pretty girl' sort of feeling. I hope you get to play around more with these!

  2. I love your experimenting! These are lovely, but what do you want to say with them? The top one with the birds brings to question why are they there and not in the others. If this is a tattoo of hers should it be carried throughout? The second one seems too "inviting" compared to the others, which are more withholding. Do you want them to be mysterious or inviting? Something to think about maybe?

  3. I think the layering of images works really well. Especially in the 2nd one from the bottom (looking down, laughing) where it is difficult to tell what is hair and what is cloud. Ambiguity makes them far more interesting. I'd like to see a couple more layers- interesting how you could literally add overt layers of meaning...
    I think the danger in these is that there is a real possibility that they could come off as TOO nice/pretty- almost in an advertising female empowerment/yogurt commercial kinda way...