Sunday, July 22, 2012

Handmade experiments

As I am digesting all the feedback from the residency I am finding that I am interested in pursuing a few different projects. Some of them will go hand-in-hand and may connect at some point. So in addition to the digital experiments I have also been continuing the handmade work. Here are some shots of things I did in my studio on Friday and Saturday. 

One of the experiments (I should probably find some different words to use soon, I am getting very repetitive) is putting emulsion lifts on glass as opposed to wood panels with encaustic. I am not sure if the encaustic will come into play with this specific direction, but I do want to revisit that later.

I also did some lifts on fabric. The color lifts are Fuji film and they end up becoming very plasticky and not flexible, so they are easier to transfer to a solid surface. I am planning on playing with this more to see what else I can do with the fabric as a base.


Since I am currently teaching a handmade photo class I got access to some Cyanotype chemistry and a little time to play yesterday. I used some old negatives that I originally printed 16x20 black and white a few years ago. I've been meaning to revisit this project, so here are some 4x5 contact printed cyanotypes.

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