Sunday, November 24, 2013

silk organza and pictorico

Last week I made the first large prints on silk organza. It was a windy day, and a little more overcast than I would have liked:

The grid and drawn lines are barely visible here.

The wind got in the way on this one, I have yet to find the map line.

With this one I sewed the line and used the paper grid I created as a negative to expose. I an happy with how this turned out, I just need to iron it!

This week I printed some negatives of digital pavement shots taken in Switzerland this summer on a roll of Pictorico. Pictorico is a transparency film made to print digital negatives, so the detail is great, even if I print the digital images very large. I plan to sew more map lines onto these prints now that I know the grid from the pavement worked:
Im Wygarte

Ihegi, positive

Ihegi, negative