Sunday, December 15, 2013

to be projected

Here's a lower quality version of the animation, taped with my iPhone from my computer screen, just to show the idea. It's much simpler than my last animation this spring, and it will be projected through different layers of prints on fabric.

layers and projection

Experimenting with some hanging options (makeshift, since the actual space at the residency will be different) and projecting the new video onto and through the layers. The idea is that in a real installation the panels will be overlapping, but also leaving space to walk through, and the projection will be seen on some panels and not on others.

1. silk organza grid with sewn line over footsteps print

2. cotton sewn line with grid, backlit

3. silk organza grid (not really visible, working on new version) over printed map on cotton

projection visible on image 1 panels

projection visible on image 1 panels

projection on image 3

projection on image 2

projection on image 1 with less ambient light in space

Sunday, November 24, 2013

silk organza and pictorico

Last week I made the first large prints on silk organza. It was a windy day, and a little more overcast than I would have liked:

The grid and drawn lines are barely visible here.

The wind got in the way on this one, I have yet to find the map line.

With this one I sewed the line and used the paper grid I created as a negative to expose. I an happy with how this turned out, I just need to iron it!

This week I printed some negatives of digital pavement shots taken in Switzerland this summer on a roll of Pictorico. Pictorico is a transparency film made to print digital negatives, so the detail is great, even if I print the digital images very large. I plan to sew more map lines onto these prints now that I know the grid from the pavement worked:
Im Wygarte

Ihegi, positive

Ihegi, negative

Friday, October 25, 2013

fabric order and first large prints

After many test prints on different fabrics I finally decided on which to use and was able to order large quantities online. I now have 55 yards of silk organza, and 40 yards of cotton batiste to use for several large prints. I made the first this week with the batiste:

walking print, Mühlegasse 33-35, 44"x96"

Ihegi Dreieck, repetition, 44"x60" (handsewn paper negative)

Detail, Ihegi Dreieck

Detail, Ihegi Dreieck

Friday, September 27, 2013

walking to make print

In thinking about walking, and walking every day as part of my art practice, I have been trying to find a way to connect the walking and the maps more directly. A possible way to do this was suggested by my mentor during our last meeting. Here is a test on some yellow fabric I had. It felt rather odd to walk around on fabric with feet covered in plastic wrap and dunked in cyanotype chemistry, but I think I like the result.

final print:


Saturday, September 14, 2013

more transparent fabric and other materials

silk chiffon

grid paper

transparency film (for digital negatives)

cotton batiste

silk organza