Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Contact print, turns out the correct orientation of the map makes the print out of focus. Keep thinking about this.

Different layers of memory maps.

Friday, November 16, 2012

enlargements and contact prints

I waxed some of the prints I made last week to use them as negatives for new contact prints. Trying to decide if I want black or white lines. Drawing the map versus leaving the path out or erasing it. 

I like the added texture that comes from two steps of waxing images, though I'm not sure if I like the mirroring of them. 

I also made some 4x5 sized drawings that I waxed, to use as negatives in an enlarger, rather than contact printing them. I want to work more with layers, possibly enlargements and contact prints simultaneously.

In an effort to add more layers of texture I folded two of the negatives, one randomly and one in a pattern. 

I bought a roll of digital printing paper this week that will hopefully be delivered soon. I am enjoying these maps a lot and want them to be big. More to come soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

more darkroom maps

Maps painted on transparency with gesso, charcoal, and permanent marker. More maps drawn and painted on grid paper with ink and charcoal. Semi-matte paper this time. 

Going to experiment more with deliberate in and out of focus areas, more texture, more combinations of materials, size, and possibly text.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

paper writing

This is what the beginnings of paper writing looks like. 

The end is much messier.

In addition to working on writing my third paper I also looked through 9 more boxes of my grandfather's slides this week. More projection images to follow hopefully soon!


Here are some sketches from this week. Different versions of the same map, experiments in material (drawing paper, transparency, grid paper, charcoal, pencil, sharpie)  and line (dark and light), which I then turned into wax paper negatives and clichĂ©-verres. I brought these into the darkroom yesterday to make prints and will post updates as soon as I pick up the dried prints. I am very excited to see where these maps will lead.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I haven't posted any images in a few weeks and I would like to be able to say that I have been working on something grand that just hasn't been ready to be revealed. Alas, I think I have just been feeling very stuck, mostly stuck in my own head, but also stuck in the middle of this first semester. Time is starting to  become less of a luxury as the January residency gets closer and I am feeling pressure. 

Two weeks ago I met with my mentor for the second time and I thought it was a great meeting. I left feeling inspired and excited about the direction of my work. Later that week I was speaking with fellow  group 1 students who have been struggling with the demands of the program. At that moment I was thinking that I am in a great spot and started working on my second paper. (I will post the paper later for anyone who is interested, it will be on the right side of this page). And sometime after that I got stuck.

I tend to over think everything I do, and this is definitely the case with my art. For the past two weeks I have been getting stuck in a thinking rut. I am still very excited about the work I am making, I just need to find a way to get un-stuck so that I can actually make it. I have been reading lots and trying to sketch out ideas I have, so hopefully I will have more work to post in the next few weeks.

With my mentor I spoke mostly about the projections of old slides I have been doing and the memory maps. Both need a lot of work and I need to decide what exactly I want to say with each of these projects and how I want to portray them. I am still also working with fuji film and emulsion lifts and will hopefully be building some light boxes soon to display them in layers. 

The maps and projections go hand in hand for me, and maybe they will be combined into one project eventually. I have been thinking a lot about nostalgia (the topic of my second paper) and trying to figure out why I often feel nostalgic, what I feel nostalgic for, and how that effects my every day life and my art. I don't have a complete answer yet, but hopefully these projects will get me closer to one.

The following images are very preliminary sketches. Based on the original memory map I posted a few weeks ago, these are pencil drawings that are less exact and more descriptive of a path. They are all real walks I took as a child, but the maps are drawn from memory and may not be accurate. I think the titles need to be in a combination of German  and Swiss-German, but for now they are written in English also. I am not sure if I want descriptive titles in the final pieces, it just made sense to have them in my sketch book. The grid paper has a nostalgic quality for me, though I have visions of large scale paintings of these drawings on canvas. I will also experiment with more mixed media and adding photographs or transfers.