Friday, August 10, 2012

Seeing other people's work

Last Friday I went to First Friday in Boston and I am so glad I went. It was good to see some familiar faces, Rob Sullivan has two pieces in the show at Galatea Fine Art, and both my mentor Matthew Gamber and my advisor Ben Sloat have work at Gallery Kayafas. (Whoa, links). I wandered around the other galleries and wrote down some more names of work I thought was interesting. 

Today I took a little field trip to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Garden. I went specifically to see the show "second nature: abstraction in photography then and now". Matt Gamber has two pieces in this show also, and Caleb Charland who is a family friend, also has a piece. I was really excited to see this show, because I have been thinking so much about abstraction lately, and of course, combining new and old techniques has been a theme in my work. Again I walked away with a list of names to research, though this time some of those names were already on my list and it was cool to see their work in person (Eileen Quinlan, Sara VanDerBeek). I always love museums, but I have found that being in this program has started to give me a different perspective already. I'm not just looking at work because I enjoy it, I am looking at work to try to figure out how it relates to what I make and how it influences what I make. I've started also looking more at the display details, I think I need to put much more thought into how I will display my work at the next residency in January. While that is still a ways away, I want to make sure how I display work actually makes sense in coordination with the content.

Lots to think about!

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