Monday, August 20, 2012

lifts and grids and objects

The grids seems to be a recurring theme. I have been trying to spend a lot of time thinking about the meanings, reasons and concepts behind my work and I am not sure how to find answers. It has been frustrating in a sort of slow and quiet way. The frustration is making it difficult to get motivated to make things, but at the same time I don't think I will figure out the conceptual thoughts behind my work if I don't make. I feel like I have many ideas but am having a difficult time creating them in real life.

Along with the grids I am thinking about objects vs. images. The digital things I have been working on allow me to create work in a way I haven't before, which is very exciting. At the same time I am still very interested in creating tangible objects. My parent's house was built in 1840 and when we moved in 12 years ago my parents replaced all the windows, but kept the old ones. I visited last week and took some of those old windows with me to play with. Here is an in-progress shot and two shots of the window at it's current stage. I am not sure if it is finished yet. I like the idea of deconstructing the grid. I also would like to display this lit from behind, so that it throws a shadow. More on shadows in my next post.

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