Monday, April 15, 2013


This past week has been a bit of a roller coaster. I went from feeling like I was getting somewhere with my project, to thinking I may need to abandon it, to trying to figure out ways to rework it.  After I scanned my images early last week I began editing and made some mock-up slideshows of what an animation might look like. I am posting them both here, though they are nowhere near a finished product. I have been avoiding posting images on here because I have felt like each piece I make is just a step in the process, and not really worth showing. Now that I am halfway through the semester I am realizing that I need more feedback than I have been getting, so hopefully posting more will help with that.  So in an effort to share more, here are the animation sketches, one is very fast (it's only four seconds long), and the other is very slow:

I had the second meeting with my current mentor last Friday, and I left feeling both frustrated and inspired. I think part of my frustration with this semester has stemmed from the positive feedback I got during the residency. This may sound contrary, but I left the residency with a general sense of "good, keep going", which is positive and great, but didn't give me a starting off point for something to work on. I also tend to get stuck on the process in my work, and this has become increasingly hindering with this animation project I have been working on.  I've been wanting to just turn my still images into a moving image, but I didn't acknowledge the fact that that may require a different approach. Meeting with Cameron helped clarify some of those frustrations that I have been getting stuck on. I have an idea for some tests that will hopefully help me pull apart different aspects of these images, which will make more sense in the finished product. I like aspects of both the fast and slow animation sketches, and I think I would like to combine both speeds in the final animation.

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  1. the richness of the black and the variations of it makes these videos feel a little like William Kentridge's work. I think you're making some terrific progress-- is there a medium speed? The quick one is absorbing but over too quickly, and i like the slow shifts in the slow one but it's maybe a little too subtle (at least, for somebody with a short attention span!) ^_^ Really cool. reminds me of a treasure map, somehow. Feeling you on the frustration this semester; somehow it feels like we're getting short on time!