Friday, November 16, 2012

enlargements and contact prints

I waxed some of the prints I made last week to use them as negatives for new contact prints. Trying to decide if I want black or white lines. Drawing the map versus leaving the path out or erasing it. 

I like the added texture that comes from two steps of waxing images, though I'm not sure if I like the mirroring of them. 

I also made some 4x5 sized drawings that I waxed, to use as negatives in an enlarger, rather than contact printing them. I want to work more with layers, possibly enlargements and contact prints simultaneously.

In an effort to add more layers of texture I folded two of the negatives, one randomly and one in a pattern. 

I bought a roll of digital printing paper this week that will hopefully be delivered soon. I am enjoying these maps a lot and want them to be big. More to come soon!

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